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I was born in Glendale California during the afternoon on Saturday, May 13, 1961. That was the day before Mothers’ Day. My mother made a point of telling me that several relatives accused her of waiting to have me just in time for that holiday. Supposedly I was to be born on the 6th. Well, it just didn’t work that way.

I am the eldest of four siblings, all males. My brother Steve was born in 1963 and my brothers Darrin and David were born in 1967. David died a day after birth, my other two siblings are alive and well.

I grew up in various communities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. My family moved quite a bit during my early years. We settled in Lakewood in 1969. That was when I became a Cub Scout. That probably got me out of the house more often as, growing up, I tended to be bookish and introverted. In 1974 my family moved briefly to Anaheim and then to Orange, in a townhouse that my parents lived in until 1995. In 1975 I became an Eagle Scout and in 1976 I participated in the Eagle Scout Bicentennial Celebration in Washington DC. I very much enjoyed the hiking and camping in Scouting.

In 1979 and 1980 I visited Western Europe. Those trips were very educational and opened my eyes to the wider world.

My formal education is: Graduated from Canyon High School in 1979. In 1986 I graduated from Fullerton College with an Associate of Arts degree. In 1989 I graduated from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts degree. My major was History and my minor was Criminal Justice. And, wouldn’t you just know it; I’ve never had a job where I was really able to use my degree.

I became politically and socially aware in 1973 at the age of 12 during the Yom Kippur War. I have remained so. In 1980 I voted for Ronald Reagan. By the middle of 1981 I started to realize I had not acted in my best interests by doing so. That was the year I ran across the books of Ayn Rand. Unlike most, I started with her non fiction and then read her novels. I remember being scandalized when I first spied the book, The Virtue of Selfishness. I bought it to see how preposterous this philosopher must be. Well, two days later I went out and bought the rest of her books. I considered myself an Objectivist for about three years. In 1983 I moved to Phoenix Arizona and became familiar with the Libertarian Party. I joined shortly thereafter. In 1984 I ran for an open seat on the Corporation Commission. I garnered over 38,000 votes, about 4 percent, and likely spoiled the election, which still gives me pause to chuckle. I only spent about $700.

In 1985 I moved back to California and completed my college education. I did not rejoin the Libertarian Party right away, rather chose to be ‘decline to state.’ I did go back in 1993 and when I returned to Arizona in 1995 I once again became part of the Arizona Libertarian Party. I have enjoyed the camaraderie and the friends I have made there. I have no intention of running for office again as I have come to realize that permanent lasting change comes from education and persuasion, not from the ballot box.

So when did I start writing? I made my first efforts at a newsletter back in 1974. Its name was THE ALCHEMIST’S GAZETTE. One issue has survived to this day. In high school I made my first attempts at writing a novel, three to be precise. One 264 page manuscript survives, however be assured it will not be published. Believe me, that is for the best.

My first public writing was in 1980 when I wrote a political manifesto. In 1981 I started publishing an internationally circulated newsletter called THE THOUGHT (ISSN 1527-053X). In it I presented philosophy, politics, opinion, short stories, poetry, essays, you name it. At first it was largely a showcase of my own work, but over the years many others came to take part. I made many lasting friendships putting out that newsletter. The last issue came out in July of 2005.

So how did I come to start writing novels? Back in 1989-1990 I wrote a series of short stories called Song of the Vamphyri. It was about one Victor Trent and his experiences with a group of vampires. It was well received by readers of THE THOUGHT. I did write a couple of related short stories and, towards the end of the newsletter’s run, I wrote another series of vampire short stories. I did like the characters and the situations, but I let the whole matter rest for years. In the summer of 2009, a longtime friend of mine suggested I revisit these short stories from 20 years ago as there is now a wider appeal for vampire novels. Well, I did re-read them and decided the story arc was sound. I used most of the characters and put the first novel in the tumultuous years of 2008-09. So now you get to experience vampires on the internet and Victor Trent became a college graduate with a lot of student loan debt and no prospects. He gets offered a way out…

To sum up my story, in 2007 I met Ann, the love of my life. We got married on February 29, 2008. As a result of this I now have five children and three grandchildren. For my writing, I am a member of the Arizona Authors Association and the Phoenix Writers Club and a professional member of the Society of Southwestern Authors. I recently completed my first round of courses at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and I am now a certified hypnotherapist. I will go back and take the courses needed to become a clinical hypnotherapist.

That’s me in brief!


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