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Welcome to my website. Iíve been a writer for most of my life, emerging on the public scene first in 1980. I started off writing political tracts, branching into philosophical essays. I first tried my hand at poetry in 1985 and then short stories shortly thereafter. In 1989 and 1990 I wrote a series of short stories titled Song of the Vamphyri. This was the saga of Victor Trent when he met the vampires of Washington DC. It was quite the tale and was well received by the readers of my newsletter, THE THOUGHT.

Many years passed but I did not forget those stories. I even wrote a series of short stories that were loosely related to the Song universe; however they never really captured that same sort of feel, the zeitgeist if you will.

My wife had seen my writing and knew it was what I really enjoyed doing. This is opposed to bookkeeping which I happen to be proficient at. What finally brought me back into writing was when an author friend of mine recommended I take another look at that series of short stories. This happened in the Summer of 2009. Well, I did read the stories again. I liked the story arc, but I definitely did not want to keep the story in the 1980s. Making many changes to characters and such, the Plaz Seschni series was born.

On this site you can share my journey as I write additional novels, share my views on life and the world in my blog, check out various events I will be attending, even order autographed copies of my books. The site will evolve as my writing continues.

I very much enjoy writing. It is my passion. I enjoy being able to craft stories that will both entertain the reader and give them something to ponder. Frankly, this is a large part of how I intend to make my living going forward. Being creative is really where it is at for me.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will come back often.

Ronald C. Tobin

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